Samurai Pizza Cats


The Samurai Pizza Cats continue to quickly progress in the sprawling alternative-punk scene while rocking festival stages and being direct support for some of the biggest names in their genre such as Yellowcard and The Toasters. With a crass, comical and thinly veiled message that flips a throbbing middle finger to the problems of modern society; S.P.C. is bringing their message to the the masses with as much zeal and appeal as their influences, while being relevant, original and fresh.

Now, with a fan base that is exponentially growing, the Cats are hitting the road once again this spring with a new video and release through The Orchard; for a substantial jump in their status while capitalizing on their buzz. For this release titled ‘Anxiety’ and subsequent tour the Cat’s focus will be to return to some of the cites and towns they’ve played, while infecting new audiences as well.

The ‘Binge Thinking’ tour promises to bring a new hard hitting salvo of the Cat’s super catchy and pulsing horn-infused rock to throngs of fools and ghouls for the genre. And don’t worry, new just means different, but one can expect any and all Samurai Pizza Cats performances to be accompanied by the...a-hem...colorful, Nick Swardsonian and spontaneous banter these boys are known for.

Catch the Samurai Pizza Cats at your local litter-box and don’t worry about the mess.